Highlights from the WordPress Bulawayo Training

Highlights from the First WordPress Workshop

Last week, we partnered with GoDigital and The Techvillage to have a workshop on WordPress. The workshop was a 5 day crash course on WordPress Website Development.  This training was the first of a lineup of events to support the WordPress Bulawayo Community.

Highlights from the WordPress Bulawayo Training

Highlights from the WordPress Bulawayo Training


The Five Days Broken Down

Day 0 – Know your Words

Day 0 was extended for members  to complete beginners who wanted to catch up on some of the terms that were used through the course. On this day, general terms such as Hosting, Domain Name, DNS, Plugin and Theme among others were explained

Day 1 – Setting Up the Environment.

Community members participating in the class where each provided with shared hosting space on a sub-domain courtesy of The Techvillage and Neon. A walkthrough on how to install WordPress on Cpanel was the first order of the day. The last bit of the first day emphasized the need for planning before actually getting started on development.

Day 2 – Installing a theme, customizing and Creating the first Page.

With the same hosting space provisioned for in Day 1, a practical walkthrough on how to install a WordPress theme. With installation done, participants got to learn to customize their theme on the WordPress dashboard. The day ended after creating a new blank page.

Day 3 – Plugins and Widgets.

Day 3 started off right where Day 2 had ended. Members where taught how to make use of plugins and widgets to populate their very first pages. Using Day 1’s , members added structure to the homepage of their hypothetical businesses’ websites.

Day 4 – Creating More Pages and Navigations.

Using knowledge that they gained from creating the first page, members where challenged to create additional pages for their hypothetical businesses/organization. The follow-one was a lesson on how to add pages to a navigation bar.

Day 5 – Preparing for a Real World Project.

Day Five was project preparation. The challenge was for participants to select a school of their choice and develop a website for them. Project Planning was discuss as well as how to gather content before starting development.

Follow on Events?

Due to requests from particiapants, there will be follow-on events, one will be a general guide for someone looking to start a Web Development Business.
The Second will be The Devshop‘s crash course on HTML, CSS and JS as we get ready for the more code-demanding sessions.

If you missed out on this training but would like to catch up on upcoming ones do follow us on Social Media to keep up to date

Supporting WordPress Bulawayo Meetups

We are excited to be joining a growing WordPress Bulawayo Meetups community. Meetups are an opportunity for people who love and value WordPress to get together to learn from, and connect with each other. Regardless of whether you want to learn about WordPress or meet others who work with it, Meetup events are a way to build a strong community.

Our primary goal is to build a strong software development community. Consequently, it is to address the skills gap in Software development in Bulawayo.  In the long term we hope to see our work we result in a better software environment in the country. Bulawayo Meetups give us a platform to do this and to work with organisations that share the same vision like Zimcode, The Techvillage, GoDigital and Neon

The meetups affords an opportunity for people of all technical levels to discuss WordPress related issues.  Everything from blogging to more technical issues such as developing Plugins.

We are particularly excited about  do_action events.  The Community will be using WordPress to uplift Bulawayo’s charitable organisations using some of the knowledge and conversations we will have at these meetups.

do_action hackathons are community-organised events that are focussed on using WordPress to give deserving charitable organisations their own online presence. Each do_action event includes participants from the local community coming together to plan and build brand new websites for a number of local organisations in one day.

Especially relevant to us is hosting WordPress Hackathons in the near future and interacting with Bulawayo Developers. We look forward to meeting more Bulawayo developers at such events.

Join the WordPress Community.

Community members may host their own events with the assistance of other individuals and organisations in the community. Every thing from a Blogger’s meetup to a do_action event. Reach out to the Techvillage if you would like to host your own event.

If you would like news and updates meetups you can follow the TechVillage on social media. In addition, we will also be sharing regular updates on events on our social media pages.

Join in! We look forward to having you.