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Software when implemented correctly can increase productivity, improve efficiency and boost organisational health. Our approach to software development is to gain insight into the daily business of your organisation and build software according to your needs. This approach allows you to see the parts of your organisation that what we would have built has impacted your business and which areas to shift your focus to. In this way we ensure that your software is not an expense but an investment.

We can deliver for all Major Platforms

Deliver software on all major platforms to target all your end-users.




iOS & MacOS

Windows 10

Three ways to benefit from our software

Our mission is to build software that enables  organisation to achieve their full potentials. This is a mission intend to see affecting organisations of all sizes and across the span of the entire African content. You can experience the benefit of our software in one of the following ways:

  1.  Bespoke Software: For unique problems you can hire our team to build software for your organisation
  2. Our Portfolio of Software: Make use of our generic suite of software without the commitment of carrying the development costs.
  3. Our Open Source Code: We are building a repository of Open Source to enable developers to take advantage of the skills of our team

Our Process

We consider our process a fundamental part of how we deliver great software for your organisation and we continuously add new ways to keep you aware of how you work will be executed and its status including our Source Control for your project that you receive access to.

  • 1

    First Contact

    Get in touch with for a discussion about the directions and objectives of your business so we know how to best serve your you

  • 2


    We document the requirements of of your business and how we will implement new solutions to make your business better

  • 3

    Development Work

    We start development work on your solution and keep you involved through an iterative development method

  • 4

    First Release

    We release a deployable version of the application for purpose of review and make changes to your request

  • 5


    We deploy your application and make it available for intended users

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