For a long time we played around with ideas on how to get people to share more and engage more one social media. The goal was to find a way to get people to keep a conversation going in a fun and interact way. Our ideas and work have culminated in Dialogue which is a platform that achieves exactly that.

Dialogue was built to get people to share and engage more. The platform enables users to follow a hashtag on social media and then they are able to share it with the world.

Building Dialogue required a special interface, something beautiful and yet not invasive to the objective, which is to share the conversation. The interface was built to suit a set of pre-configured minimalistic and yet vibrant gradients. We played around transition and animations to make the wall that is share more fun and captivating.

The Dashboard was built to give to user an easy experience that they can follow with ease.  The goal was to be as simple as possible while getting every feature to the user.

Naturally the backend of a platform of Dialogue’s nature required for optimum memory efficiency. We paid attention to detail to produce a captivating interface with an equally great backend.

We will be sharing a technical details of how dialogue is built soon