Our Story : How the Devshop started

Our story starts in a room in the basement, where a group of young people sought to start businesses that would change the country and eventually with the right determination, the continent. A community of young and vibrant young people who have ideas that they feel will disrupt the way local business conduct their everyday processes.

From the earliest days, the lack of skill in our small community to develop world class software became more and more obvious. Ideas requiring technical knowledge far outweighed the developers who could build them. Technology was an essential part of our delivering some of the small ideas that would impact our communities in a huge way.

The Techfest Hackathon

The Techfest Hackathon

In that small community a developer community formed and using our individual strength we began to upskill each other and continually and consistently became better. We learnt that there was strength in numbers that our combined efforts to better ourselves was greater that the sum of our individual effort. From then we have never looked back and continue in our mission to equip and empower as many developers as possible to contribute to their teams and to start then grow meaningful business.

Over time, one belief has become a fundamental to the way we work: We are only as good as how much we learn and how we implement what we know to solve problem and solve challenges that the people around us encounter everyday. We realise that we only become valuable in our societies if we have the audacity to learn and build.

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