Moving into our new home

The Devshop was founded to close the gap that was opened between local technology and global technology. The need was realised when each time local entrepreneurs with little or no technical knowledge required software in one form or another to take their businesses and startups to the next level. The need for more developers became apparent and the very first Devshop community was formed to address this need.
Our journey so far has been a never-ending lesson. To be an agent for change we realized that we could not be traditional in our approach to work and must consistently be ready to learn new thing so that we do not open the very gap that prompted us to start
Our most recent lesson was that we need a place to call home where all ideas can grow, a place where developers on the Devshop team can meet, build, conduct work and continue to offer value to all our end-users. In continued pursuit of vision to offer great services we have found our first home in central business district of Bulawayo
We are not perfect but perfection is something that we pursue every single day we exist.
To our partners, our customers and to the public. We look forward to building thing in our new home that can take everyone further.
Here is our new home. We like to call it ‘The War Room’