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Introducing Dialogue

For a long time at the Devshop we have been playing and experimenting with ideas on how to get people to share more and engage more in conversation. We have attended a number of events where we have explored concepts. The results of the exploration and experimentation have been Dialogue.

Dialogue is a platform that curates posts from social media with a chosen hashtag allowing the user’s audience to interact in a dynamic and interactive way. This version of Dialogue ships with the following features among others:


  • Profanity Filtering.
  • Multiple customisation options.
  • Easy to use Dashboard.
  • Relive feature which allows users to enjoy the entire experience again even after their event has ended.
  • Instagram and Twitter Support.
  • Emoji Support.
  • Ability to make Live announcements from the Dashboard.

The Dialogue Dashboard

The dashboard is control panel from which users can gain control of their account and what their audience sees when they go live. Some of the features that a users can control from the dashboard are:

  • Colors of backgrounds & picture borders.
  • Change duration between transitions.
  • Specify the hashtag(s) you would like to follow.
  • Send out announcements to your audience.
  • Take control of your account and top-up credit.

The Dialogue Interface

The interface is the part of the web-app that your audience will actually to see. This interface will have a URL once you go live that will be able to be shared with any other device that has a compatible browser. The interface displays twitter and instagram posts including posts with up to 4 images. Announcement made from the dashboard will also be available on the same interface.

Even more control of what your users see

We realise the sensitivity that may come with some events. Events may require that you filter out content which is not suitable for family events. Further to features we are actively building the ability to filter out obscene content that may contain nudity and foul language. In addition to filtering out that content we are also building sentiment analysis into the application which allows you to control the emotion that you want to put the most focus on. This allows Dialogue to be suitable for  any kind of event without having to worry about spam posts.


In addition…..

Memories are invaluable. You always want to look back at good times and smile, sad times and remember how you moved on from them. In this version of Dialogue we wanted to allow users the ability to store their memories. It will store every post as it happens and allow you to Relive the entire experience exactly as it happened during the time you followed the hashtag. You will be able to share the entire experience with anyone else.


Get Started

Share More. Engage More.  Available for public use on the 25th of September 2017 on www.dialogue.co.zw