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Building a Community

The last two months have been a learning process for us. We deployed Dialogue to the public. Dialogue is huge for us because becomes the first complete platform that we have worked on to this extent. The process, subsequent product and adoption had a lot of lessons with regards to our work culture and our operations. Adapting to lessons such as these ones is an essential part of how we keep ourselves relevant as a business. The Devshop has always been about enabling software developers to be able to deliver meaningful software. We will now be building a software developer community with greater intensity. This community will enable us to better share what we are continuously learning and reach even more developers. We have already learnt fundamental lessons and will be sharing then through the community.  Technology is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes. Advanced software is not more important than simple software can make a meaningful difference for an ordinary user. We will be focusing more on implementing simple software that can affect lives in a meaningful way. This definition has allowed us to reflect on the software that we will  be building. One of the functions of the community is to facilitate discussion. Discussion such as how we can design software that can make real impact in our community. These lessons require a shift in work culture for us and for many developers we interact with. It is the nature of developers to enjoy a good challenge. They have an affinity for mentally-stimulating projects.  There is a temptation to learn a framework with every project. It is important to find the balance between learning and using what you are already know. Our drive will now instead be about how many lives we impact through our software.  

Putting in Action through Community

We will be reinforcing our efforts to build this community by hosting a series of developer meetups. We will share the challenges and triumphs of building a software based business in Zimbabwe and encouraging as many in our community to do the same. Equipping developers with the skills they need to develop useful and meaningful software is one of the foremost reasons for our formation. A mandate we imposed on ourselves.  With this community we anticipate that the effects of the work we have already been doing will be more widespread and reach an even larger community of developers. We have no doubt about the possibilities that local developers can open for local communities and we are excited to get started. We will be releasing the dates for our first community meetup in the coming weeks. Lastly, we are always excited to receive feedback from the public, it helps us deliver better and better projects. If you have any suggestions do not hesitate to get in touch with us.   Devshop Community Hackathon


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