• We are about rapid Developer minting through syndication

    Our goal is to output highly skilled developers with “depth of knowledge” that can form multi-skilled teams, through peer based experiential learning.

  • A developer first community built to ship elegant software.

    We pool developer talent and harness it towards executing large and complicated projects elegantly and efficiently

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Our Work Culture.

The Devshop is a developer first company. We build elegant and highly scalable technology, because we want to and because we can. Software development is a highly creative, mentally demanding process and developers work best when they are provided with the right resources and the optimum environment, that is what we strive to create and provide.

The Devshop gives you the opportunity to work with problem solvers not order takers, in an environment that allows developers to flourish both in skill and in execution. It’s about shipping product relentlessly.

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The Minting Process.

The Devshop runs on pure sweat and shear passion. The minting process searches for and instills passion, devotion, team work, and the desire to learn as the magic ingredients for building developers that deliver. Selected developers are onboarded via an invite only 48-hour hack where they are expected to build a web based project using the resources that are availed to them.

Working as individuals on small projects stifles skills development, skills are acquired by experience and through execution working with fellow developers. Individual developers neither have the business and legal skill (or time) to effectively manage clients nor do they have the credibility and reputation to attract larger more profitable clients.

1. The Code Challenge.

This a 48hr challenge presented to developers interested in the devshop to attempt development with a new and unfamiliar concept. The goal being to determine how well they can deal with challenges and their rate of learning. Developers present whatever progress they have made in the 48hr period.

2. Onboarding

Team cohesion is essential for an effective team, during onboarding developers who have passed the code challenge interact with other developers in devshop events like Lan Parties. These events are aimed at promoting interpersonal relationships which make the teams communicate better

3. Hackathons

Devshop Hackathons are executed with fairly large teams and permit for members to identify each others strengths and weaknesses. They also permit for developers to learn concepts from the group efforts. They are usually overnight events where teams complete an entire project.

4. Paired Development

With increase in skill developers undertake work in pairs working with complimenting strength-weakness profile to further hone their development skills. At this point developers begin to take on smaller projects for inhouse startups with greater timeline flexibility.

5. Client Work.

Developers start to undertake actual client work with increasing demands as they get better and better. This aim of this part of the process being to improving project management and non-technical communication skills. This to better suit them for teams

6. Developer Placement.

After the minting process is complete developers have the option of being placed at different organisation that hire developers through the devshop, to join a team in a TechVillage startup or to start an entirely new startup with their new skills

Who Are We.

The Devshop initially started for the purpose of meeting the developer needs of the The TechVillage, because of the growing demand for our skill both within the Village and outside the shop has grown beyond that and now upskills developers while meeting the original purpose and producing software development teams for organisations.

Our Process.

Software development is a constantly changing environment so our process does not teach a person how to code but it creates a culture of exploration and continous learning which creates developers who can adapt to almost anything.

Our Approach.

We believe that people learn best when they have the right resources, are happy and are actively doing what they are learning. We emphasise teamwork, a happy work culture, learning through working and peer to peer upskilling

Our Goal.

To output developers and teams of the highest quality and skill who are able to take on the most challenging software demands who a

Our Mission.

To continously contribute to the developer talent pull that will build Afircan home-grown software solutions to produce quality developers for this purpose

Meet Our Team.

Takunda Chingonzoh

Business Developer

Bakani Pilime

Lead Developer

Michael Dera

Lead Developer


We believe that the best way to learn is by building, and by working with others in shipping amazing applications, platforms and sites. Knowledge runs deep in the shop and exists in the community that is the Devshop. Our ability to tackle projects of variable size, coupled with our massive flexibility and extensibility comes from being able to assemble a multi-skilled team from the community, that is, the Devshop army.

  • I have to say, I got schooled tonnes before we even started work. Their client education makes you appreciate every penny that you pay for their services. I love the fact that they have all the services under one roof and their teams are just so versatile! I got a website built, went on to work on my mobile application for my startup and topped it off with a personal site. I would definitely recommend these guys for any dev or IT work!

  • The Devshop really makes sure that you understand the development process. That way, you understand what is required from you as a client which makes sure that the entire process goes smoothly. I love that they give you access to their internal workflow management so I don’t have to bother them about updates, I just login and check for myself. Their iterations are great too, I get to input on every stage of the process. The Devshop team feels like they are part of my company and they have become my tech counsel.

    Ayanda Founder, Foodie.

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